Standard Adoption Process

1. Read over the information below, then fill out and submit the application. 

2. You will get an email response within 3 days. It will contain some general details about the available rats and a list of the upcoming adoption days.

3. On adoption days, I bring all the available rats with me to spend the day at Creatures Pet Store. Everyone is set up to be observed and interacted with as we chat about them. I do see a few families on each adoption day, but schedule them at different times to avoid any competition or awkwardness. 

4. Once you have chosen your rats, we will put them in a travel box or carrier while we read/sign the adoption agreement, and then once  payment is complete, you get to take them home!

Alternative arrangements can be made if needed. We can discuss it in more detail over email. Thank you!


You must be at least 18 years old to adopt from Haywire. By adopting rats for a person who is under 18, YOU are accepting the responsibility for ensuring the rats are provided with appropriate care for the entirety of their lives.

The rattery is located in my home so I'm not currently allowing visitors. Photos and more information about my setup can be found HERE. Adoptions and other interactions typically take place at Creatures Pet Store

No breeding. Under no circumstances do I allow people to breed rats adopted from Haywire. I have been working with my lines for half a decade and have no trouble recognizing them. I keep all my rats in the same room, some have escaped and were loose for an afternoon. I have never, ever had an "oops litter."

Rehoming. In the event you are unable to keep rats that were adopted from Haywire, please contact me to make arrangemenhs for the rats to be returned.

Anti parasitic treatments. All rats at the rattery are routinely treated with selamectin. Rats will also be dosed no more than 10 days prior to leaving the rattery.

Lifespan expectation. Generally at least two years. However it varies a bit between my lines (one of which frequently makes 4+years), and a lot depending on the environment they are subject to. Unfortunately because of this, it is simply not possible for me to gurantee an exact lifespan.

If for any reason you find you are unsatisfied with rats adopted from Haywire, please get in touch with me right away. So that we can resolve the issue together.


Adoption Application

Thanks for submitting!


Haywire Ratz Adoption Agreement