In 2012 I was working at a pet store where one of my duties was cleaning the rat colony cages each week. I quickly fell in love with these rats, and could recognize each one of them from memory. (around 60 rats!) In 2013 I finished school and left the pet store to start my new career in veterinary medicine. After a few years I returned to Creatures, it just felt like a better match, and I was able to help more people. Without hesitation I jumped back into taking care of the colony. The bosses had put a lot of effort and consideration into making sure the rats were provided with all of their needs. So I wanted them to have the vitality and fortitude to properly appreciate and enjoy it. By keeping records and using selective breeding practices, favoring those who were consistently docile and healthy I was producing feeder rats in better shape than the ones being sold as pets from the big chain stores. I continued breeding the strongest and sweetest individuals, then brought in some new genetics from The States. All good things come to an end eventually and in November of 2020 my regular position at Creatures ended, but I just couldn't give up the rats I had spent years working with. So a deal was made, and I purchased the CritterNation cages and all of my rats to continue as an independent rattery.




5 Critter Nation cages are used as regular housing. In addition to several Vision cages, and a few modified bin cages which are used for mothers and babies. 



a mix comprised of 70% lab blocks to 30% high quality dog kibble. On cage cleaning days a few handfuls of seed is scattered around the cage to forage. Fresh foods that are given a few times each week include scrambled egg, chicken, carrots, and apples and broccoli. 



in cage fun includes dig boxes, foraging boxes made with seed, dry pasta and other misc dry treats as well as a variety of puzzle toys and hides that get changed out on cleaning days. Out of cage fun time is used freely exploring various areas, diving for frozen peas, clicker training or just good old fashioned cuddles.